Gregory Vardaro

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Current/ongoing/ works in progress

Smith Fitness Wordpress website setup for personal trainer site. Theme customization and website management. Email marketing, events booking, social optimization Brandon Smith
Merdian Realty Group web marketing campaign to increase number of qualified leads coming to the main site and improve visitor registration. new website designed for real estate properties and neighborhoods pages for maximum SEO and conversion optimization through use of google webmaster tools and analytics. Email marketing via constant contact and social media optimization.

Gillian Morris
(813) 334-4128

Boston Handy Works Online marketing campaign to increase awareness and online sales of hand made products and service offerings. New web design with e-commerce capabilities. PR strategy using in-house first person testimonials to promote the program and the impact it has had in people's lives. Nicholas Pieri
617.899.0580 To bring to market new apartment searching/listing website Competitive market analysis, pricing strategy, usability testing, email marketing campaign  
LDM accessories Complete business/online marketing plan for local business startup Website and business plan creation and implementation. Promotion and pricing strategy, both on and off-line. Social media optimization, WP theme customization. Shelli Talent
Circle Bloom new design and web marketing for female wellness e-commerce site New WP theme customization, PPC campaign with GA, email marketing campaign using MailChimp.  
Build In Boston online marketing for local nonprofit directed toward helping high school students New WP design. online fund-raising campaign. event/email marketing  

Green Pro Bono

Social media strategy for nonprofit legal services organization

Create unifying presence across social media networks, incorporate email marketing campaign targeting individuals in need of services and those willing to offer them.



Marketing campaign for global nonprofit organization.

Website redesign, online donation, image collaboration and photo sharing social networking strategy.


Improve now

Marketing and business setup for online insurance/self-improvement startup

Website design and creation, social media marketing, local business/affiliate marketing, Wordpress

Lead generation strategy for new real estate website

Social media integration, Adwords and keyword optimization. PPC and PPV (eg. zillow premier agent program). local SEO


Environment MA/ Environment America

Director of Online and New Organizing Strategies

online marketing strategies to support the efforts of environment America and EM (bottle bill)


Sean Costello Memorial Fund

Online Marketing campaign
for bipolar research foundation

Social media campaign, online donation strategy, email newsletter, donor relations, PPC campaign setup, keyword optimization.. Google and YouTube for nonprofits.

Deborah Costello Smith


SpringStep Increase registration for local arts and education nonprofit marketing campaign for new student registration and volunteer recruitment through social media marketing automisati0n  

Charlesgate Realty

Marketing assistant for real estate brokerage

New website re-design, blog content management, lead generation and conversion optimization strategy.  

Chantelle Sterling

Lifestyle Real Estate

Web optimization and lead generation for real estate brokerage

Local SEO. Listing integration and syndication. social media implementation.

Todd Minichiello

Online marketing materials for database management software services

Creation and distribution of digital marketing collateral. (video, article submissions) social media implementation, customer satisfaction surveys.


Copley Real Estate

Complete technology overhaul for failing real estate firm

New Website, Listings Database, Online advertising implementation and campaign measurement, (AdWords,, Paid inclusions)

Zach Monroe

This is not an all-inclusive list by any means. 

For every client that I do work for, there are 10 more standing by. 

With a primary focus on cost-efficiency, for both my clients and my own business, the more successful consults the less work I have to do,

and the more businesses I have helped become successful through shared knowledge and experiences.